Allen Gourmet Coffee & Eatery

About Us

July - 2000
Jay's Gourmet Coffee Beans & Tea

In the year 2000, Jay took over Gourmet Coffee at the Peterborough Square and began selling coffee & Sandwiches. His coffee was like none other,  the beans were finely roasted, and emitted a rich unique flavor. While selling coffee he also sold other related items, such as coffee beans and tea in different blends. His store turn out to be very popular among shoppers at the shopping mall and attracted many customers in Peterborough area with his distinctive coffee and treats.

Later on..

Jay's business grew even more from end-to-end. Jay’s store became an important  part of Peterborough Square. It was a place for people who loved coffee, and for regular customers to grab a bite. In 2008,Jay upgraded his coffees and renovated his store. It was  a new milestone for him, and his business.

New Owners

As years pass by Jay continues to be successful, But after 20 years of smooth business he is now content, and  looking to retire. He needs a new owner to take over his store, someone who is trustworthy and commited. In  2023 Jay offers up his beloved coffee and business to Allen & Ireen, a young couple who was exactly what he was looking for. The couple, well experienced in coffee grounds, takes the opportunity whole heartedly and leaves Jay well assured.

April 1st
Allen Gourmet Coffee & Eatery

Allen & Ireen are now the new owners of their coffee store, they proceed to  rename it “Allen Gourmet  Coffee & Eatery”. You can find them at Peterborough square, with their one-of-a-kind coffee and specially made sandwiches